The new professional equipment for compacting outdoor flooring

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The new professional equipment for compacting outdoor flooring

Batroller B8: the new professional equipment for the compaction of slabs and paving stones (external pavements).

Batroller is the smart equipment, designed by Batmatic, for the laying of outdoor flooring.

It is used
particularly for planks, slabs, concrete blocks and natural stone, ensuring a professional compaction at the highest level.

The product can be applied on Batmatic vibrating plates (in particular the FP series), guaranteeing excellent and gentle surface compaction.
Thanks to the 3 rollers (81 cm wide) covered by vulkollan, it makes the forward vibrating plate into a reversible, leaving the operator to choose the speed and movement.

Among the countless advantages, as mentioned by operators who have tried and believed in the product, we have the reduction of working time, the high quality of compacting the surface over time, and last but not least the use of less effort by the operator compared to traditional systems.

For over 50 years Batmatic has been committed to meeting the needs of the most professional customers, always guaranteeing quality and immediate assistance.