Batmatic celebrates 50 years of constant activity

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Batmatic celebrates 50 years of constant activity

2021 : an important year and milestone for Batmatic. Looking back, we can only say that we are satisfied with our first 50 years of constant activity and researches.

Batmatic started to manufacture light compaction equipment in Parma (Italy), in 1971.

Since 50 years the Company has been investing in the success of its Customers, covering a worldwide network together with valued Partners, with a constant research in compaction technologies.

Since 1971, each product is developed for maximum performance, productivity and durability.

A big ‘Thank you’ goes to all the Companies, Customers, Families and Friends that confirmed their Trust in us in all these years, and who distributed our products with knowlegde and trust.

To our specialized Employees and our Community, who are growing together with the Company day by day knowing precisely the main object of Batmatic, since 50 years. Most of them are in Batmatic since decades.

To all our Suppliers and Collaborators, your support is precious and makes our reality even more special.

“Your partner in compaction” :

Batmatic offers a complete range of walk behind compaction equipment, and every year is focusing most of its efforts to deveople new technologies, to grow the efficency and build the success of our Customers.