The new Batmatic website is now online!

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The new Batmatic website is now online!

The newly designed website offers fresher graphics and an easy to navigate structure. The goal of the new design is to support the distribution network, helping customers from different sectors to understand how Batmatic products can help them on different construction sites, worldwide.

The new website, available at, is developed to provide Batmatic distribution network a clear view of the product range on various levels : from the subdivision into macro-groups, up to the single product.

For example, it will be very easy to make a comparison on the ‘forward plate compactors’ group, as on all the other groups in the product range.

In addition to an intuitive and easy to navigate structure, Batmatic has focused heavily on contents, that will be constantly implemented and inserted over time. The new web page is rich of images, videos and technical informations.

There are also spaces dedicated to the history of the Company, after-sales and trainings, news and events and the shop for the purchase of Batmatic Original Merchandise.